Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R Ca-23

They Tried To Overthrow A Legal Presidential Election So They Won’t Lose Funding. Their Funders Should Lose Our Investments.

On December 10, 2020, the Washington Post published the names and states of each Attorney General and each Congressional representative who supported Texas’ lawsuit challenging the federal election results.

We have read repeatedly that these GOP congressmembers fear Trump. However, in the same December 10 paper, the Washington Post also reported that “…New research from political scientists Jordan Carr Peterson and Christian Grose … found that members of Congress who own stock tend to vote in ways that benefit their portfolios and that these decisions can’t be explained away by other factors, such as ideology or constituent interests.” — Christopher Ingraham, December 10, 2020, Washington Post.

As these craven GOP congressmembers fear losing funders more than they fear Trump, let’s identify each one of their major funders on Let’s then call out those funders — Koch Industries, for example — name and shame them in mainstream media, get them out of our portfolios, get the CEOs on record about why they like overthrowing democracy, get CalPERS and NYPERS to disinvest, email, write, and nag them, interview them about why they are funding attempts to overthrow the government? Why should we waste time shouting “bad dog” at the GOP lackeys? Why not instead go after their masters? Why, for example, are Blue Cross/Blue Shield and United Health funding Kevin McCarthy?

Here are the names and top funders of just the California GOP congressmembers who signed on to this Texas travesty They tried to overthrow a legal presidential election.

The information comes from

Kevin McCarthy Ca 23

Comcast Corp

AG Spanos Companies

Sierra Pacific Industries

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

CGCN Group

Cerberus Capital Management

American Electric Power

UnitedHealth Group

Energy Transfer Equity

Ken Calvert CA 42


General Atomics

AM General Corp

BAE Systems

Boeing Co

Doug LaMalfa Ca 1

National Auto Dealers Assn

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

California Water Service Group

Morongo Band of Mission Indians

Poarch Band of Creek Indians

Tom McClintock Ca 4

Crown Assoc Realty

Marcus Foundation

Western National Group

Station Casinos

Cen-Cal Fire

Honeywell International



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Award-winning wildlife and nature photographer (, retired from California PUC, EPA, NOAA. Recovering journalist.